My other books

ivipfinalcoverIs the Vicar in, Pet?‘ (Sphere 2014) is my story of growing up in Ashington, a mining town in Northumberland, in the 1970s, when my father was appointed vicar there. Newly arrived from a suburb of Newcastle I found it a strange, different yet also magical place where you could never quite be sure who would be ringing the doorbell next.

Jane Shilling in the Daily Mail called it a ‘gentle story of a cosy, secure childhood among a community whose hearts were as warm as the coal fires that burned in their hearths’.

Available from bookshops and online retailers, and as an ebook.


onegirlcoverCo-written with Emma Gray, ‘One Girl and Her Dogs‘ (Sphere 2012) is the story of Northumberland shepherdess Emma, who – to the surprise of many – is awarded the tenancy of a National Trust farm at the tender age of twenty-three. The book tells of the highs and lows of her first year on the beautiful but remote farm, with her loyal collies at her side.

Available from all good bookshops and online retailers, and as an ebook.


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  1. Jeremy Nicholas Cook says:

    Hello Barbara,
    I have been trying to contact you regarding Richard A Gofton, 8 Hermiston, Whitley Bay.

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