Goodbye, hello

Last year we both lost and found members of the Bedpans & Bobby Socks family. In January 2019 we attended the funeral of Molly’s husband, David, in Glasgow. I remember telling David when I was a little girl that I wanted to be a writer, and him asking if I would send him a copy of my book when I wrote one. I don’t think either of us could have dreamt it would be about his wife and her friends!

A couple of months later I received a letter from America informing me of the death of Cleo, devoted friend to the girls when they were working at the Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs, in the summer of 1958, and who my family and I went to meet in Phoenix when we were on our own American road trip almost 60 years later. Despite it being difficult and painful for him to put pen to paper, Cleo was one of my most prolific correspondents and I looked forward to his letters. Sometimes he sent me copies of the magazine Arizona Highways, which highlights the beauty of the state he had made his home. Funnily enough, when I was growing up we used to receive this same publication every month thanks to another friend the girls had met in America. I’m really pleased the magazine – launched in 1925 – is still going.

As for the ‘found’ – in recent years I have been in regular contact with Teri Byrd. Teri was just a baby when Gwenda, Pat, Molly, Maureen and Celia met her in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where her father was working as a climbing instructor for the summer. They enjoyed babysitting her and her brother Teddy when they landed at the family home in Eugene, Oregon, later in the year. It is not surprising that Teri – who has her own veterinary practice in Washington state – is a real outdoors sort herself.

I have also got to know (as with Teri, just online so far) Jackie Kierulf, the niece of Enrique, who was one of the stars of Bedpans & Bobby Socks. Enrique and his wife Barbara became friends of mine too. I also met Jackie’s parents when visiting Enrique many years ago. Sadly both couples are now deceased. Jackie, who lives in Ottawa, is a keen writer, with two blogs: ‘From simple words to real stories’ and ‘Cherishing the death process’.

I know we’ll have lots to talk about when I get round to meeting Teri (below right) and Jackie (left) in person one day.

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2 Responses to Goodbye, hello

  1. jackiekierm says:

    Barbara, I am so sorry to learn of the passing of Molly’s husband and of Cleo. It’s strange, that in a way, we hope that we won’t have to say goodbye, but it’s inevitable.
    Happy to be a part of your Hello, and I too am looking forward to meeting you one day, hopefully “sooner rather than later.” Best wishes to you!

  2. Barbara Fox says:

    Thank you Jackie! Hope you didn’t mind my using the picture. It’s a lovely one. Your more regular posting has spurred me into action!

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