Leaving Cleveland (Pat’s photos part 2)

During their last visit to the ISG (International Students’ Group) before setting off on the road trip in April 1958, Gwenda and Pat were presented with a big box to open. Every box had a smaller one inside, and when they finally got to the bottom of the package they found the pair of glasses Herman had broken opening a bottle of champagne at their leaving party a few days earlier. A souvenir of happy times in Cleveland.  And the occasion was captured on camera, as I discovered recently in Pat’s photo album. (I hasten to add that they also received some very nice, and some very useful, gifts!)

In another photo, that’s Gwenda, I think, crashed out amongst the chaos on the last night in their apartment. Somehow they were up, packed and away by seven the next morning.

The last photo shows the pair with their great friend Enrique (beside Gwenda), a man whose kindness and generosity knew no bounds. I resurrected the friendship myself, 30 years later, when I was travelling in the USA, and he even came to my wedding. Sadly, he passed away many years before the book was published.


What could be in this great big box …


… A souvenir of the last party in the apartment


Last night’s sleep in the apartment


Gwenda and Pat with Enrique (left) and other ISG friends

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2 Responses to Leaving Cleveland (Pat’s photos part 2)

  1. aggofton@yahoo.co.uk says:

    It certainly brings back happy memories.

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  2. Molly Murdoch says:

    Loved seeing end results,hope you are all well love to all, m& d

    Sent from my iPad


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