Happy birthday, Pat!

gwendapatuniform0001It’s hard to believe that Pat turns 85 today … and probably won’t thank me for broadcasting it. Well, she certainly doesn’t look it. One half of Newcastle General Hospital’s car-owning young pair of 1954 (she and Gwenda upset some of the sisters, who clearly didn’t think it right that student nurses should aspire to such a status), and one fifth of the road trip crew who took America by storm a few years later, I think it’s fair to say that she hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down. She still enjoys her travelling, both solo and with friends.

She had a big party for friends and family at a hotel on Loch Lomond a few weeks ago, but is celebrating more quietly with her close family this weekend. Here are a few of my favourite photos featuring Pat from then (mostly) and now.
floridahols0001filbertpickers0001Fort Langley CanadaJuly 58 Campsite in HelenaMount Rushmorescan0036fourinlakesClockwise from top left: on holiday in Miami; filbert picking in Oregon; rare photo of all 5 in Fort Langley, Canada; cowgirls in Colorado; the Lake District in October; Mount Rushmore; campsite home in Montana.

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One Response to Happy birthday, Pat!

  1. Molly Murdoch says:

    Liked it ,love to all,Aunt Molly and Uncle David

    Sent from my iPad


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