A painted wagon

The clock has rolled back 55 years. A Volkswagen Barndoor Samba with  bright new paintwork and the words ‘Welcome Wagon – Hotel Colorado’ adorning its sides, is now attracting jealous glances on French roads. The bus is a long way from its first home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, though probably closer to its birthplace in Germany than it has ever been.
Those who have followed the saga here will know how Michael Chazot bought what had once been the Hotel Colorado’s courtesy bus in order to restore it to its 1950s glory. This job has now been completed thanks to that great picture of our famous five posing beside it, as well as meticulous research on the part of Michael and generous contributions from the online VW community.
So far, the photo (see Painting their Wagon post) is the only one of the van that has materialised from those days, though I’d hazard a bet that there will be an image of it lurking in the album of some 1950s hotel guest.
As you can see from the photos here, the bus looks amazing. I hope it gives many years of enjoyment to Michael and his family, and who knows, perhaps I will get to see it myself one day.
By the way, see us in this month’s VW Camper & Commercial magazine!
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