Book Soup and the Tattered Cover

Book Soup, ‘bookseller to the great and infamous’, could only be located on LA’s Sunset Strip. And now you can pick up a copy of Bedpans & Bobby Socks in the West Hollywood store as you rub shoulders with their celebrity clientele.

Despite the hype, Book Soup is just what a neighbourhood book store should be like: unpretentious, inviting – and piled with books from floor to ceiling.

Gwenda, Pat and the crew set up home just off The Strip in early 1959 as they settled down to make money to finance their trip back to Cleveland, and a chapter

A driving tour of Hollywood, taken from a 1950s guide book

of the book, ‘Fit for a Star’, is devoted to their time in that star-studded corner of the globe. Pat nursed a big producer, Celia walked past Yul Brynner on the street, and Shirley MacLaine greeted the girls on their trip to Paramount Studios. Ah, those were the days …

Another indie store that will have the book on its shelves in the next few days is The Tattered Cover in Denver which has three locations in the wider Denver area. With its nooks and crannies, squishy sofas and coffee shop, the Tattered Cover – along with Book Soup – sounds like my sort of shop. If anyone has any favourite bookstores, wherever they are, then please let the rest of us know about them here.

(Note to American readers: Bedpans & Bobby Socks has been available in the USA since May 1st. If they don’t have it at your local store, please ask them why not!)

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2 Responses to Book Soup and the Tattered Cover

  1. crystaljigsaw says:

    It’s absolutely fabulous that your book is now in America – especially when the bulk of the story surrounds the girls’ trip there.

    CJ x

  2. Barbara Fox says:

    Yes, it’s great! Wonder how long it will take me to email a few thousand book stores!

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